My name is Henry Burton.  I am a Small Business Coach.
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I have a dream of starting a business. Where do I start?
How do I keep my business moving forward?
Do I have the skills and energy to be an entrepreneur?
How do I keep track of my money?
Where do I find clients?
How do I stay better organized?

These are common questions people ask when they are planning to start a business or have been in business for a while. As a Coach I can work with you to answer these questions.

"The opportunity arose for me to open a ceramics studio and teaching facility and 4 rooms for bed and breakfast so I could provide courses with in-house accommodation. When this happened my mind went into overtime and I already saw the whole big structure working with me at the center of it all. Henry provided me with in-depth knowledge and gave me the best advice someone ever could have given me: "Start small". I listened and it has given me the best possible way to run my business at a pace that I could handle and grow with. I now have a successful studio for training budding ceramists, beginners and advanced, and the accommodation facility is getting busier all the time. Thank you Henry, I have never forgotten your advice. Two small words that made the difference between overstretching myself and being successful."

- Yoka K.

I love working with people who want to be in business for themselves. People like you who know how to do what you do but are unsure about the business side – bookkeeping, marketing, finances and operations.  As a coach my role is to walk along side you as you find your way in the sometimes confusing and overwhelming world of business.

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I look forward to walking with you on your journey.