As a small business owner for over 20 years I have experienced most of the joys and setbacks that starting and running a small business provides. I have owned two bookstores, a landscaping business and have been a dance instructor. In between I’ve been both a paid and a volunteer small business coach. I’ve always loved the coaching because it’s exciting to see people start to understand the business side of their work.

I believe that a business is more than the sum of its parts. When your finances, marketing, operations and sales are in tune with your management and leadership styles and your background and beliefs, running a business can bring you deep satisfaction. I work with clients wherever they are in the business process to assist them in getting all the parts working seamlessly together.

Some businesses I have worked with:

- A rural grocery store with a management team that was not working well together due to personal conflicts and power clashes. Over several meetings with the owner, the manager and the team members, roles were clarified, personal dynamics were addressed and an agreement was made about the direction of the business. At this point the team was able to move ahead as a more cohesive unit

- An aspiring entrepreneur bringing a new product to market, needed assistance with pricing and determining her manufacturing costs. Reviewing spreadsheets and fine-tuning cash flow projections gave her a better understanding of her costs and how to price her product.

- A graduate of a school of naturopathy wanted to set up her practice. With coaching on marketing and outreach, and special training in bookkeeping she was able to have her practice up and running in a short period of time.