Do I Really Want To Do This?

“Do I really want to be the person making all the decisions and taking all the responsibility?” Having your own business takes a lot of work. Unlike being an employee, where some other department or someone else handles a lot of the details, when you are the owner, it’s all on you. Before I bought my bookstore I had been working for a larger organization that had an Admin person who handled payroll, ordered supplies and made sure the copier worked, etc. When I took over the store, all of a sudden it was all up to me! I was […]

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Why You Want To Be In Business?

When I first meet with you as a client I ask a lot of questions to help me understand where you are in the business process and how much you know about your business. Usually there’s something that is creating a challenge for you and asking you these questions helps me find a starting point for our work together. For the next few blog posts I will be writing about some of these questions in more depth. The first question I ask is why you want to be in business.  Have you been lured by the many financial magazines that […]

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Small Business Resource List

These are a few of the websites that I’ve found useful and interesting:

Ventures – In Seattle Ventures provides business training and support for low income entrepreneurs.

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber – I think this is one of the best books for any business owner.




Small Time Operator by Bernard Kamoroff – A classic book for the solopreneur that covers all the details of running a business.