Do I Really Want To Do This?

“Do I really want to be the person making all the decisions and taking all the responsibility?” Having your own business takes a lot of work. Unlike being an employee, where some other department or someone else handles a lot of the details, when you are the owner, it’s all on you. Before I bought my bookstore I had been working for a larger organization that had an Admin person who handled payroll, ordered supplies and made sure the copier worked, etc. When I took over the store, all of a sudden it was all up to me! I was completely overwhelmed for the first 6 months and often wondered if I’d made a big mistake. Finally things settled down and I quite enjoyed being the boss. I could finally do things my way and as my drive to do everything possible to meet my customers’ needs increased, all those other tasks, while still important, became less overwhelming.

Are you ready to do it all? As a small business owner you’re in charge of marketing, sales, bookkeeping, supplies, taxes, customer service, computer repairs…everything. You may want to hire people to do some of these things for you but you’ll first need to be sure you can afford to pay them.  You’ll also need to understand the tasks first so you know what skills to look for when you’re hiring.

Having your own business also means that you’ll be in the business 24/7. You can’t go home at 5:00 PM and forget about it. You may have to miss important events because you have to take care of a customer. Problems will arise unexpectedly that you will have to resolve. Are you, your family and your friends ready for this?

Contact me at and let’s talk about this before you make any commitments. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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